Гражданин на Вселената

Citizen of the Galaxy е последната аудио книга, която завърших.

Историята на едно момче и неговите премеждия, като роб, търговец, военен а след това и бизнесмен. Много поучителни моменти за природата на хората. Накара ме отново да се замисля кое определя един човек? Средата? Семейството? Обществото?

Приятна и не много дълга история, която препоръчвам на всички.

Citizen of the Galaxy in Wikipedia

Though this novel was published as part of Heinlein’s juvenile series, it deals with adult material. Its condemnation of slavery is more complex than the argument that slavery is racist oppression. Interestingly, it appears to eschew the easy argument against slavery by race, and moves directly into a far more difficult argument against slavery as a gross and wanton violation of personal rights by both by governmental and economic entities.

Other authors[who?] reviewing the book argue that the argument against slavery is actually a powerful statement about the need for continuing education. As in many of Heinlein’s books, the principal character is portrayed over time, beginning in relative ignorance, learning from experience, receiving the benefits of education, and using that education to resolve subsequent problems in his / her own life and that of those around them.[1]

Finally, Citizen of the Galaxy

makes a compelling statement about the cost of honor, and about loyalty.