The Vampire Lestat

Това е последната книга с която се забавлявам активно. Адски много ми допада светът, който е създала авторката.

The Vampire Lestat

Plot summary

Set in the late 18th century to the late 1980s, the story follows the 200 year long life of the vampire Lestat, and his rise from humble beginnings as a middle class aristocrat in the country side of France to the city of Paris to become a vain and arrogant Vampire. After escaping his family and running off to Paris with his friend and confidante Nicki, Lestat is bitten by the rogue elder vampire Magnus who orphans him on the night he is made. He abandons Nicki for fear of causing him harm, and shuns contact with his loved ones, until one day his mother, Gabrielle, arrives in town. Gabrielle is dying, and in order to save her, Lestat bites her, transforming her into his first companion.

The pair are antagonized by a coven of more „traditional“ vampires living in the nearby cemetery Les Innocents. This coven, led by the vampire Armand

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, are convinced that all vampires must worship Satan and do his work on Earth; terrifying their human victims, dressing in rags, and returning to crypts at night. Armand and his coven kidnap Nicki in order to force a confrontation with Lestat and Gabrielle, but when Lestat demonstrates to them that vampires can easily co-exist with humans and live comfortably among them, the coven dissolves, leaving Armand distraught and alone. Nicki, however, is now aware of the world of vampires, and feels betrayed by Lestat. Lestat bites Nicki, turning him into a vampire, but he takes to his new lifestyle poorly and rejects Lestat, instead banding together with some of the dissolved cemetery coven to form the Théâtre_des_Vampires. Lestat then begins a worldwide search for the vampire Marius, a wise and ancient vampire who he learns of from Armand, in an attempt to find out the history of the vampires.

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